FAA Part 107 Update

The FAA has updated its website to reflect further changes in the implementation of Part 107 rules for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems.  These rules offer a clarification of the FAA Summary of Part 107, and the previously posted Part 107 Rule.  In addition the FAA Website itself states  that the Part 107 Rule will take effect on August 29, 2016.

FAA Unmanned Aircraft Systems

The FAA has also issued an Advisory Circular to offer further clarification of how to use Part 107 for potential 107 operators.  This Advisory circular is a highly useful guide and a more detailed explanation of specific aspects of the 107 rule.   Please note, that the rules are subject to change until the final text of Part 107 is published as part of the Federal Aviation Regulations.    We will be carefully monitoring the changes and will continue to offer our insights  on the intent of Federal UAS regulations..

FAA Advisory Circular How to Use Part 107