Disclaimer for www.dronecourse.info website

Just wanted to put a link concerning our sister website dronecourse.info.  As we are a site concerned with FAA Drone Regulations, by our very name we are deeply concerned with FAA Regulations. Our Dronecourse site features a fly through background going through clouds. We would like to Categorically state that FLYING DRONES OVER OR THROUGH CLOUDS is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN BY FAA REGULATIONS concerning drones. There, this disclaimer is out.

Quite frankly we put the cloudscape background as a visual treat. It is rather hypnotic, and sort of draws you in, just as flying does. However keep in mind that according to the NPRM, Drone Fling is VFR ONLY. No Flying through clouds. If you are in Class G Airspace, the regs say you need to have one mile of Visibility and remain clear of clouds. Since Class G Airspace extends from the Surface in most cases up to 1200 feet AGL in many places, and 700 AGL if you see a shaded magenta circle around an airport, these rules are quite firm. Besides, according to FAA rules, no drone flying above 500 ft AGL in most cases.

So our dronecourse.com sister site’s background is beautiful, but it is NOT LEGAL FOR DRONES…or airplanes not on an IFR flight plan for that matter.

Now this disclaimer is done, please enjoy the site, and if you want, feel free to buy a Drone Course.